Distributor FAQs
  1. I have seen a lot of quit-smoking products, weight-loss products and sleep aids advertised. How do I know that your products are better?
    The development for DietMate, QuitKey, and SleepKey was funded by various agencies of the National Institutes of Health. In addition, we have conducted rigorous research studies to prove and document our product efficacy claims. To read more about our clinical studies please visit: QuitKey (http://www.QuitKey.com/research.html), DietMate (http://www.dietmate.com/124.html ), and SleepKey (http://www.sleepkey.com/skResearch.aspx)

  2. Does the fact that DietMate, QuitKey, and SleepKey are computers scare off customers who are not familiar or comfortable with computers?
    DietMate, QuitKey, and SleepKey are very user friendly and easy to use. QuitKey has two buttons and SleepKey has 5 buttons, each comes with a comprehensive instruction guide. DietMate is also extremely user-friendly. DietMate has seven buttons and allows the user to begin the program by taking a guided tutorial so that they can become familiar with each button’s function. Here's what one DietMate customer had to say:
    "This computer is so easy for me. I'm not computer literate. Thank you for all the work you put in to make it user friendly!" (Marcia Yoder - Goshen, Indiana)
  3. Is DietMate another calorie counter?
    DietMate is much more than a calorie counter. The computer helps structure appropriate food choices and provides a means for tracking the user’s progress. The computer is flexible and realistic. It allows the user to record meals in several ways: (1) select from an extensive food database (2) enter set number of calories or record food exchanges (3) choose from DietMate's own recipes, which are in the cookbook that is included with the computer. DietMate is so flexible that it also offers suggested menus at restaurants ranging from Greek to Chinese.

  4. How do I know that QuitKey is the product of choice for smokers who want to quit?
    With over a million units sold, QuitKey’s commercial success is clear proof that the product is the tobacco cessation method of choice. QuitKey’s drug-free nature also allows the program to be used by all smokers: young, old, pregnant women, and many others with pre-existing medical conditions for whom nicotine replacement therapies are not recommended.

  5. Do you provide marketing material for DietMate, QuitKey, and SleepKey?
    For each inventory kit you order, you receive five free brochures. If you wish to have additional brochures, they are available at cost.

  6. Can I get the benefit of your experience?
    Absolutely. PICS' marketing professionals are available to you to offer advice and help you determine the most effective marketing and distribution channels for your selected target audience.

  7. Do I have to distribute all three products?
    You are not obligated to distribute all three products. You can select to distribute any one of the products.

  8. Am I obligated to purchase a specific quantity within a certain amount of time?
    We do not drop-ship DietMate, QuitKey, and SleepKey. Therefore, as long as you meet the minimum quantity for each inventory kit, there is no set time period in which you have to purchase a specific amount. The amount and frequency for which you order is left solely up to you.

  9. What is the minimum quantity that I can order?
    The minimum quantity for QuitKey and SleepKey is 10 per inventory kit, and the minimum quantity for DietMate is 2 per order.

  10. Do I get a discount if I order in bulk?
    Yes. Even if you only order the minimum quantity, you will receive a significantly reduced rate. And the more computers you purchase, the greater the discount. For more details on pricing, call US 800-543-3744 or International 703-758-1400.

  11. What product warranties do you extend to distributors?
    DietMate, QuitKey, and SleepKey units have a one-year warranty that covers any mechanical defects with the computers. This warranty does not cover damage due to accident, misuse, abuse, negligence, or failure to follow instructions for proper use. We do not extend a money back guarantee to distributors. Should you want to offer your customers a 30-day money back guarantee, you will have to absorb the cost yourself.

  12. Can I receive exclusive distributor rights in a country, state, or city?
    Exclusivity is rarely given, only in cases where there is a large initial order and a guarantee of subsequent purchases of the same scale. Terms of exclusivity are subject to negotiation and should include the proposed marketing channels and the quantity and frequency of purchase.

  13. Do I have to maintain inventory?
    In most cases, distributors choose to maintain an inventory.
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